Wednesday, January 20, 2010

.i write..

Because I’ve always written.

I’ve written on notebooks for the fear of my teachers.

I’ve written on the walls of the school toilet as rebellion against the teachers.

I’ve written in crisp white ‘answerbooks’ in an exam to stay in the same grade.

I’ve written a single sentence a hundred times on the blackboard for education.

I’ve written on my friends’ shirts for fun.I’ve written my bf’s name in my notebooks for all the ‘seriousness’.

I’ve written on ‘chits’ of paper to pass them on to friends and ‘chat’ while a class was going on.

I’ve written on an old pair of jeans to make a smart statement.

I’ve written on paper napkins while waitin at restaurants.

I’ve written on muddy car windshields to kill time.

I’ve written with a trickling line of water on dining table waiting for the food to be served.

I’ve written on a slice of bread with ketchup to eat.

I’ve written on a mirror with my mother’s lipstick for the sheer fun of it.

I’ve written on freshly laid cement for permanence.

I’ve written on the wet sand with a stick for a change.

I’ve written because it gives me pleasure.

I’ve written coz I believe in writing my own destiny....


Blogger Naqvee said...

i'm elated that you've started writing and unwrapping your thoughts over here! it's a nice platform. love n luck

20/1/10 5:55 PM  
Blogger Sarwer Jahan said...

thnx swty..iv bn writin since mny yrs bt blog s wt i opted fr nw :D

20/1/10 10:19 PM  

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